Trisha Souza MA, AMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

ABOUT ME.  I have been working in the therapy community, focusing on mental health issues, for many years. Starting a career in mental health during a pandemic was not a small feat. However, such an event gave me the opportunity to gain the experience of a wide spectrum of clients and diverse issues. The benefit I received starting out my career in such a problematic time for mental health gave me the opportunity to learn how subjective mental health symptoms can be. Transparency and my client-based thinking have led to much success for my clients. I find that most are able heal their minds and soul in the safe space that I hold for them, and the judgment free environment that I offer.

MY APPROACH.  My approach is strength-based and goal-oriented. Solution Focus Therapy is my primary modality. However, as I have gained further experience working with clients, and exploring a more holistic approach with Radically Open DBT therapy. I find that this allows clients to focus on staying in the present which allows them to set positive, hopeful and sustainable goals for their mental health recovery – whatever that may look like to them.

My authenticity, intuitiveness and empathetic listening skills, as well as a gift of adding a natural sense of comfort, allow clients to feel they are in a safe and trusting environment and can easily build a positive therapeutic relationship with myself as a therapist.

My main goal in therapy is to treat the person who presents symptoms, not treat a person who has a diagnosis. My clients are treated subjectively to their particular needs at the time, and are gently adjusted as goals are met. This approach allows the client to remain engaged in therapy and can see the progress of continuing to work towards healthy positive goals that will help them discover their strengths to live an emotionally stable and healthier life.

MY EXPERIENCE.  I studied law prior to finding my career of choice in the therapy community. Law School taught me to be intuitive, which allows me to be able to read my clients quickly and get a sense of their needs before they do. I find this as an advantage as most people aren’t quite sure why they come to therapy. My intuitiveness can assist with building the rapport that helps guide the client learn how to answer that question. I use client-based thinking to help the client work towards the best outcome of emotional stability and regulation by guiding the client through the exploration of the client’s strengths.  I help them learn realistic subjective skills to learn the tools they need to get them to a place where they are living their best life!

Years of


My Authenticity, Intuitiveness 

and Empathetic Listening Skills, 

As Well As Gift 

for Adding a Natural 

Sense of Comfort, 

Allow Clients to Feel They Are in a Safe 

and Trusting Environment….



–  Trisha Souza MA, AMFT –




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