We Help Our Clients Go Beyond "Talk Therapy"....

At Mindbodyology the mind and body are not viewed as separate, what affects one, affects the other.  As Deepak Chopra said, “The mind and the body are like parallel universes. Anything that happens in the mental universe, must leave tracks in the physical one”.  Here at Mindbodyology we embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly, and is reflected in our mind-body oriented integrative methods of providing counseling, mental health and wellness services.   

At Mindbodyology our providers offer our clients the best of both worlds…conventional and holistic services all under one roof ! We find that our own signature methods of integrating conventional Western psychotherapy with Eastern mind-body holistic modalities, is more effective because it goes deeper, making personal transformation more feasible and long-lasting for our clients.  

We truly do help our clients go beyond just talking about problems!

 Our future mission is to provide all-in-one, mind-body oriented, “whole person centered” mental health counseling and wellness services, throughout the United States and eventually…globally! 

Quite frankly we plan to take the mental health world by storm.  We are changing the face of how psychological services are delivered….one location at a time! 


by Shaliss Padilla LMFT

Years of

“The mind and the body are like parallel universes…

Anything that happens in the mental universe, must leave tracks in the physical one…..”

– Deepak Chopra

the Movement.....................
to Go Beyond 
Talk Therapy !

The Definition of Mindbodyology

Simply put, the word Mindbodyology was coined by it’s founder Shaliss Padilla, MA, LMFT.  It is a combination of the words mind, body and psychology.  These words were brought together to reflect a new type of mental health delivery where modern Western psychology is integrated with ancient Eastern, African, Indigenous and Native American mind-body approaches.  Mindbodyology means that the “whole person”, mind, body and spirit, is considered in the mental health treatment and service to our clients.   

The Story of Mindbodyology

Mindbodyology (pronounced Mind-body-ology) was founded in June of 2017, and officially named/trademarked in September 2018, by Shaliss Padilla, MA, LMFT.  The name was created to represent her unique therapeutic style and work as a therapist, and also the incredible results she observed combining Western psychology with Eastern, African, Indigenous and Native American mind-body approaches. She wanted her practice name to embody this amazing integration.  And…..in short, was how Mindbodyology, the name of her practice and treatment approach was born!  

A "Whole Person Centered" Approach....


We provide counseling, coaching, group therapy and other wellness services for individual adults, couples and teens, from a holistic standpoint. We have a variety of expertise in the areas such as anxiety, depression, personal transformation, self-esteem, divorce/separation, marriage,  life transitions, spiritual awakenings, mid-life crisis, relationship dysfunction, women’s issues, African diaspora issues, Indigenous/Latin-American Acculturation issues, co-dependency and Narcissistic Personality Disorder/Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Recovery, and much more. We seek to resolve mental health concerns using a “whole person centered” approach treating their mind, body and spirit. 

In counseling our clients, we use a wide variety of traditional clinical modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR, Solution-Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Family Systems Therapy. Yet, we are not limited to these, as we can also utilize holistic and alternative methods as well, meaning we can also utilize mind-body-spirit and energy centered approaches when requested by clients. Having a holistic approach available to clients means that we can compliment traditional counseling with holistic/integrative services as the client need arises (i.e. Reiki Treatments, Energy Psychology, Hypnotherapy, EFT-Tapping and more).

Why should you become a MBO client?


Simply put, we tailor all our services around each client’s needs, symptoms, challenges and personal goals. We take clients beyond just talking about their problems and guide them gently into doing something about them! We allow our clients to set the pace and always consider them the true expert on their lives.

What is unique about our therapists and providers at Mindbodyology, our ability to adapt our counseling, coaching and other services to client’s varying needs. The therapeutic tools we offer range from simple to complex. 

The client, as a whole person, is the focus.  Though we can engage clients using conventional “talk therapy”, we always treat problems from holistic “mind-body-spirit connection” standpoint. 

Our client’s needs come first in the therapeutic alliance. We truly go above and beyond for our clients!  

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