How is Counseling different at Mindbodyology?

Dear New Client,

At Mindbodyology – Integrative Mental Health & Wellness Services, we are passionate about integrating the best of conventional and holistic counseling services for people who are seeking to transform their lives, naturally. We pride ourselves on going “beyond” talk therapy, taking clients into deeper understanding of their problems from a mind-body perspective.

Our mission, as what our founder has coined “Mindbodyologists™”, and as licensed therapists, is to influence personal transformation by first enhancing clients mind-body connectedness. All of the therapist at Mindbodyology, aim to treat the whole person, mind, body and spirit, from a holistic standpoint. This means our methods and interventions are non-invasive, pharmaceutical free, and most importantly, effective and more long lasting than just talking about problems and suppressing symptoms.

Here at Mindbodyology, we are dedicated to what our founder likes to refer to as a “total mind-body system reboot and realignment”. We use our proprietary integrative Mind-Body mental health modalities to do this, which has been proven to help get people successfully unstuck from the throws of life crises, difficult life transitions, relationship dysfunction, toxic partnerships, vicious cycles of depression, anxiety, trauma, low self-esteem and/or co-dependency.

Our specialty is in helping to transition clients out of what we refer to as “non-beneficial” habits, self-destructive patterns and self-sabotage behaviors that are no longer serving our clients. We love reintroducing clients to their natural “mind-body connection” they were born with. Once the knowledge of the connection is re-established we then guide our clients towards using it to achieve the ultimate goal of self-mastery and creating the life they really want.

We believe that the therapeutic work clients do in mind-body centered counseling will spark self-evolution and self-mastery. These are some of the greatest gifts that clients can give their family, friends, community and themselves! Simply put, by realigning the mind-body connection, clients can in turn, reboot their entire reality!

We know that the journey to self-mastery can feel a bit scary and awkward at first, especially when seeking counseling support. However, at Mindbodyology™, you will find a safe nonjudgmental space to explore the places where you get stuck. We will help you to further deepen your mind-body connection to achieve the personal changes you seek.

Our counseling styles are compassionate, hands-on, action-oriented, holistic and mind-body-spirit focused. We tailor all of our approaches to the mind-body needs of each client on a case by case basis. On our own roads to self-mastery, and mind-body balanced living we have found that incorporating the practice of yoga, mindfulness, healthy alkaline eating, dance, jogging, hiking, writing, poetry, art & crafts, music, journaling and focusing on whatever we enjoy doing most, makes the journey easier. Hence, we encourage all our clients “to get a life” by striking a balance between work and play, as it is one of the first steps taken towards synching the mind-body, and the ultimate act of self-love.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us to become a new and improved, happier and more fulfilled version of yourself, We would love to work with you! Please feel free to contact us for further details.


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