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Counseling & Psychotherapy


Integrating the best of both conventional Western & Eastern mind-body oriented counseling methods.

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Group Therapy


A wide variety of group therapy options for Anxiety, Depression, Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse & Toxic Relationship Recovery.

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Workshops & Seminars


Attend workshops to improve your vitality, well-being, mental health and knowledge of healthy, balanced and vibrant living.

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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery


A wide variety of services designed especially for the Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse.

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We Go Beyond Just Talking About Problems...

I am Shaliss Padilla, MA, LMFT, a Holistic Psychotherapist and Mindbodyologist™, the founder and Director of Mindbodyology™, a groundbreaking practice and therapeutic approach that integrates both conventional and holistic treatment methods. I am also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.

At Mindbodyology we pride ourselves on going “beyond” talk therapy, taking clients into deeper understanding of their mental health issues and other problems from a mind-body perspective. This means our methods and interventions are non-invasive, pharmaceutical free, and most importantly, effective and more long lasting than just talking about problems and suppressing symptoms.

Shaliss Padilla
Founder & Licensed Psychotherpist

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Results We Have Helped Create

Hear about what our clients say...

"I am so grateful I found Mindbodyology. I have always been skeptical of therapy, but I can honestly say it has turned my life around. The methods used are a great balance of holistic and talk therapy. I had been feeling stuck for some time and Shaliss gave me the tools to "un-stuck" myself and move forward with my life vibrating on a higher path. I highly recommend Shaliss for therapy and other Mindbodyology services."

Nina M

My first appointment with Shaliss was one of the best meetings. I felt immediately comfortable and at home. I was worried about opening up to someone new, as a person who suffers with anxiety. Being so warmly welcomed by Shaliss made all the difference in the world for me. She was wonderful in personalizing my treatment to fit my personal needs, and recommending resources (books, videos, etc.) that helped me achieve a better understanding of myself and those around me. I am blessed to have found her, met her, and have her be my guide to self healing and peace.


"Shaliss is awesome! And I love how skilled she is in so many counseling techniques such as talk therapy, EMDR, Reiki, and she also has an understanding of Native American & Mexican spirituality and culture! And, much more She truly is a holistic practitioner and is very skilled in online & phone counseling too, though I love seeing her in person but when I cannot I definitely schedule phone appointments. They are just as effective! Shaliss and Mindbodyology are a rare find."

Angelica Y

I’m coming up on 3 years of working with Shaliss and it’s been an incredible 3 years of lots of self-learning and growth. I instantly connected to Shaliss because of her holistic approach. I also love the fact that she used to live in Mexico City, speaks Spanish fluently and understands the nuances of Latinx culture which were important to my healing. She offers all the tools to help you succeed, challenges you to think of new perspectives, and will hold you accountable. I recommend her to anyone in my circle who I know, is willing to do the inner work and is ready for her energy, because she’s powerful!


After I suffered for years from a narcissistic abusive relationship, finding Shaliss Padilla has been a lifesaver. She was immediately in-tune with what I needed; totally non-judgmental, extraordinarily understanding, patient and kind. And, with her vast knowledge of different healing methods, I’ve been able to stick with what is really working for me. With her as a guide, I’m finally feeling like my old self again and looking forward to building a better life for myself. Thank you, Shaliss!

Molly K

Finding Ms. Padilla saved my life. I could not make sense of the issues that were negatively affecting my life before I began therapy with Ms. Padilla. She was able to fully understand my concerns and help me gain clarity on my life issues in a supportive and welcoming environment during my most vulnerable moments.. Not only is Ms. Padilla is an exceptional listener, she also provides extra resources and relevant holistic methods that accompany her practice setting her apart from other therapists. It is great to know that anytime I need help with life I know I can count on Ms. Padilla for support. I highly recommend her and especially for men.

Enzo P

Shaliss is so kind and understanding. It was the first time in years that I felt I had someone in my corner. I also participated in her 4-week group therapy for emotional healing for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors and it has blown me away. The bond with the participants of this group and the healing that has come from it, is because of this wonderful woman. What she is giving me is more than getting over a relationship, but how to recognize an unhealthy situation and get away from it. If it wasn't for Shaliss I would be back with my abuser. I am still healing, but I am well on my way. Shaliss is more than my counselor, she is a life saver!

Veronica M
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