Franc Padilla

- Operations Manager -
- Wellness Director -

I am the Operations Manager and Wellness Director for Mindbodyology.  My background is in personal training and in nursing.  I have both an associates and bachelors degree in nursing. I have lived and traveled all over the world and speak both Spanish and English.  I  love anything that has to do with physical fitness as I find that it challenges my mind and body to push beyond limitations. I strive for excellent mental, physical and spiritual wellness everyday, and bring this same attitude to serving our clients. I believe that life is a story, and I am the main character of my story, therefore, I determine the life I create!

Because the mind-body connection is vital; as you cannot have one without the other. I believe to fully tap into one’s potential they must become in tune with their body. Our body is always giving us signals not only about what is going on internally, but what is going on externally as well. When we learn to take care of our body, it is better able to function, which in turn gives us mental health, meaning a life filled with happiness and vitality. I love that the providers at Mindbodyology get this fact, making it the perfect place for me to work!

I engage in a daily energy medicine routine every morning along with 10 minutes of meditation.  

Myers-Briggs: ENFJ 

The O.A, The Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

Infinite Waters – Ralph Smart

The Kybalion 

Hello by Evanescence, Tu Recuerdo by Ricky Martin

Fettuccini Alfredo 

“The difference between what you are and what you want to be is what you do ” – Unknown 

To New York with my wife and to Barcelona, Spain with a group of friends. 

Oreo cookie cake

Working out, and learning about holistic health. 

Animal abuse, neglect or mistreatment. 

My cats Oracle and Halo. 

I am still working on this !!  

Mindbodyology services, holistic nursing and health, best things to do in San Diego to revitalize, how to practice being present, loving yourself,  while simultaneously working towards being the best version of you.

Rizzel Banderas


I have a strong passion to care for clients/patients. I have more than 8 years experience working as a Client Care Coordinator and Customer Service Advocate. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.  I am a proud Filipina, who loves long beach walks with my family.  I am an animal lover who rescues and cares for lost, neglected and homeless cats/kittens.


I am happy to be part of the  Mindbodyology movement that is revolutionizing the field of mental health to include integrative, holistic and non-evasive therapeutic approaches.  I love my role as Client Care Coordinator here at MBO, because it is a trail-blazing practice, that is making a difference in the world.  I get to express my passion for customer service and to serve human-kind on a daily basis in game changing ways! 

I also hold the same values as Mindbodyology, as I always have believed in power and importance of the mind-body connection.  Your body reacts to how your mind perceives things.   It is vital that we take care of both our mental and physical well-being.  I am here to assist our clients in this journey.

I make sure to start my day positively and do regular meditation every morning.


Myers-Briggs: ENFP

The Legend, Salt, Titanic and Wrath of the Titans

The Originals, The 100, and The Witcher

Simply Rhaze, Best Ever Food Review Show, Free Documentary

Twilight (Series)

All 90’s love songs – any of them literally all of them!

Lavender and Light Blue

Spaghetti, chicken wings, buttered shrimp, and crab

“The greatest failure in life, is the failure to not try”- Unknown

Going to Boracay Island when I was a kid with my parents (when they were still together).

Binge watching on Netflix !

Watching documentaries, and TV about lions and animal life with my son.  

Lies, close-mindedness, and laziness!

There is nothing like honesty, openness and hard work….

My two cats (Teddy & Bear), my Belgian Malinois dog (Bruno), my newly adopted kitten (Spot), and newly adopted puppies (Snow and Tala).  Also shout out to all of my rescue kitties, they are my babies too!

When I was still a college student, one night, I had only had 2 hours of sleep before an exam the next day….

Let’s just say, I fell asleep in my jeep and happened to wake up right before my exam! I almost missed it..opps. 

Mindbodyology services, Making appointments, selecting your therapist/provider and coordinating your care.

Amanda Brattebo


I am a big dreamer, thinker, creative writer, photographer, storyteller, endless explorer, and lifelong learner.  I truly feel blessed that I get to express my artistic side in my work with Mindbodyology. 

I have always been interested in the mind-body connection. When I was young, I loved learning about history, mainly ancient civilizations, and their advances in science, technology, and overall belief systems. Coming from a background of Western medical professionals, I would always wonder about the Eastern side of things. As I got older and more interested in my own personal wellness and health, I started my own research into alternative methods that became forgotten, when the rise of western medicine began. I found Mindybodyology philosophy to be an open and supportive forum for researching and asking questions. The founder welcomes big thinking and the exploration of all forms of wellness and health. I also love how the therapists at Mindbodyology help people discover what they need to be truly well, and I wanted to be part of that.

I practice meditation every day and love my regular Reiki sessions to live more in alignment with myself.

Myers-Briggs: ENFP

Pride and Prejudice, Vanity Fair, Star Wars, Eat Love Pray, What a Girl Wants, The Hundred Foot Journey, Mulan, Pocahontas, Legally Blond, Crazy Rich Asians.

Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, The Ghost Whisperer,
Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, The Witcher, Altered Carbon.

Kathleen Lights, Gibi, Pura Rasa, Skincare by Hyram

Persuasion by Jane Austen, A Court of Thorns and Roses (series) by Sarah J. Maas, The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, (I could go on and on….).

Invisible String by Taylor Swift, The One by Taylor Swift, Into the Unknown and Show Yourself by Idina Menzel, Good as Hell by Lizzo, Poetry by Dead Men by Sara Bareilles, Orpheus by Sara Bareilles, Cut You Off by Selena Gomez, Slide Away by Miley Cyrus, One Kiss by Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa

Deep sea green, lavender, blush pink, dusty pastel blue, bright kelly green

Fresh fish and shrimp tacos. I could also go for those sweet corn tamale cakes with just a little sour cream. (This question is making me hungry…)

“May the flowers remind us why the rain was necessary” – Zan Oku

UK tour in August of 2014, the videos and pictures will live on forever!

Baking everything I shouldn’t be eating, usually watching “The Great British Baking Show” at the same time. Taking a full day to just “Netflix”, read and chill.

I love reading, writing books and screen plays, watercolor painting and drawing. I also knit and crochet when I want a mind break. I do a lot of photography and will do just about anything for beautiful photos I can add on my art wall.

lies, being inconsiderate of others, impatience, closed mindedness, those who don’t strive to continue their growth, and scary drivers.

Solí (my Faun Pug, named after the sun), Her sister was a black pug and named Luna. So together they were the moon and sun.

Moved to Japan for four years not knowing the language or anyone there. I personally thought I’d only survive for 2-3 months if that, well surprise surprise… four years later…

Mindbodyology services, my love for Reiki and how it’s helped me, astrophysics and how we’re not alone, your open ended and open minded questions about anything that’s on your mind (I love deep discussions), the best places to eat (foodie at heart forever).

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