Shaliss Padilla MA, LMFT

- Holistic Psychotherapist

I am Shaliss Padilla, MA, LMFT, the Founder, CEO and Clinical Supervisor of Mindbodyology™.  I am also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. In addition, I am also a Holistic Psychotherapist, or what I have coined a Mindbodyologist™, a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Specialist and Certified Reiki Master Teacher.  

My therapeutic focus is on the “mind-body” connection and I have a  “whole person centered” approach to improving the overall wellbeing of my clients.  My signature way of treating clients involves what I call “integrating the best of traditional counseling approaches with holistic modalities”.  In using this approach, my clients become better equipped to break through limitations such as negative thought patterns, faulty core beliefs, self-sabotage and other maladaptive behaviors that prevent them from becoming the highest versions of themselves.

I have approximately 15 years of experience in counseling, psychology and mental health field. My clinical experience includes counseling children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and active-duty military service members (Marines & Navy) in various mental health settings.

I have counseled clients from many different walks of life (socio-economic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, dietary lifestyles, languages, cultures/ethnicities and religions etc.). For years, I provided counseling services in Spanish, in the heart of Mexico City, Mexico! 

Due to my wide array of counseling experiences, I have become a well-rounded therapist who is passionate about helping clients push the limits of their potential, undergo personal transformation and improve their overall functioning and wellbeing.

My main focus is helping my clients master the art of balanced living, by using a blend of holistic and traditional counseling. I also specialize in what I have coined “Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Therapy” for the victims and survivors of Narcissistic Abuse and/or toxic relationships.  I also have expertise in the areas of self-esteem, depression, anxiety, codependency, mid life crisis, personal transformation, spiritual awakenings, women’s issues, African/Black Diaspora Issues, Indigenous/Latin-American Acculturation issues.

In order to help my clients achieve their goals in counseling, I combine both traditional based methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Bowen Family Systems along with various holistic mind-body oriented approaches (i.e. Reiki Treatments, Energy Psychology, Hypnotherapy, EFT- Tapping and more). 

My passion is helping my clients identify setbacks, problematic responses, break bad habits, repetitive destructive patterns and cease self-sabotage behaviors, all from a “whole person” mind-body centered standpoint. I love supporting my clients on their road to bringing out the best in themselves,  no matter what the issue is, or what curve ball life seems to be throwing at them. 

I take pride in the fact that I often wear many different hats when working with clients.  To some clients I am a Mindbodyologist™, a Personal Transformation Therapist, or a Break-Through Coach. To others,  I am a Self-Mastery Whisperer, Map Maker and even Dream Weaver! I truly aim to go above and beyond for my clients!

Years of
Years of


— Holistic Psychologist

Dr. Barbara is a licensed clinical psychologist. She has worked with a variety of clients and takes an integrative approach to therapy. She received her BA in Biology from UC San Diego and her PhD from California School of Professional Psychology/Alliant International University. Prior to completing her PhD, she worked as an environmental health program manager for the Department of Defense/Navy. Dr. Barbara went on to receive a PhD in Clinical/Health Psychology from Alliant International University (AIU), with further training in hypnosis and peak performance coaching for professionals. Eventually, she ventured forth to study more transcendent subjects, such as Qi Gong, and to look at the larger meaning of life, beyond left-brained science, studying the mind-body connection in health.

Dr. Barbara uses a holistic/mind-body-spirit approach in her work with clients to help people break through barriers that are holding them back from happiness, and fulfillment. She incorporates traditional psychology methods with holistic tools, such as hypnosis, energy psychology, mindfulness and meditation, mind-body connection, life coaching, and positive psychology, to help her clients change their thoughts, actions, and behaviors to propel them toward their goals and lead a happy and fulfilling life. Her main modality is hypnosis combined with these other tools in order to see the most lasting change and effects.

She specializes in working with professionals to release anxiety and depression, such as entrepreneurs, creatives, women in leadership positions, tech executives, and HSPs (Highly Sensitive People). She also has a passion for working with women in high-pressure jobs to help them release stress and cope with issues such as post-partum depression and work-life balance concerns. In her work with clients, she partners with people to help them develop the confidence and release disillusionment to move forward in their lives, and to connect with their life’s vision.

She is also certified in “Past Life Regression” by Brian Weiss MD, Intuitive/Spiritual Counseling via a BPI-affiliated intuitive institute, and EQi/EQi 360 – emotional intelligence assessment and coaching.

She is the author of the book “The Muse Process: Unleashing the Power of the Feminine for Success and Fulfillment”, which serves as a guide through the “muse process,” which encourages women to explore their innate feminine power to reach their full potential and create a happier, healthier life, and often speaks and writes on this topic and has been featured in numerous TV and media outlets, such as and



Years of
Years of


- Licensed Psychotherapist

My name is Christie Carol Spahr, I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, a Mindbodyologist and Holistic Psychotherapist.  I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I graduated from the University of Oregon with a masters degree in psychology.

I specialize in treating trauma, anxiety and depression.  I work mainly with individuals, couples, families, and also facilitate group therapy.  I have counseled clients from all over the globe, from different cultures, creeds, races and ethnic groups, so I am culturally competent and sensitive.   I have over 20 years of experience in “The Healing Arts”, holistic therapies and Integrative Mental Health. For me, all of these are just ancient wisdom making a comeback in our modern world.  I must admit, I am thrilled to be part of its return to our human consciousness.

I have been an athlete my entire life, so the mind-body connection has become second nature to me.  I find that this has been beneficial in guiding my clients into getting in touch with their own mind-body connections.  Furthermore, distance running has taught me “mind over matter”, which helped me to overcome my own inner battles with self-doubt and anxiety, and I share these “insights” with my clients dealing with similar issues.  I always like to tell my clients “Things get real around the 25th mile of a marathon”.  It is the 25th mile that actually helped me to truly understand the inextricable power of the mind, body and spirit connection, and most importantly the human will!

In applying the mind-body connection, I use a plethora holistic and integrative healing modalities, customized to fit each of my client’s unique personalities and needs.  In addition to mind-body approaches, I am also able to integrate conventional evidenced based therapies such as ACT, CBT, DBT, and Solution Focused modalities, all of which I tailor to my clients on a case-by-case basis, according to their needs. As I embrace the entire human family and all of its diversity, I have an affinity for culturally sensitive therapies such as Humanistic approaches influenced by Native American-Indigenous cultures, Narrative Therapy from Australia, Logotherapy-Existential Therapy by Viktor Frankl, and Person-Centered Therapy by Carl Rogers.

Simply put, I love what I do.  It is my life’s calling to be a therapist, and I feel honored to have the opportunity to serve my clients.   I have been truly amazed at the brilliance and humility of each and every one of my clients throughout the years.  I feel grateful that they have humbly allowed me to be part of their healing journeys, life stories and experiences.  I hope to be part of yours.   

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